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Whitecap Rods Screenshot

We migrated the Whitecap Custom Rods website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Phase one of this project included updates to the image galleries and added video capability. Phase two is in developmentand will include additional features and a responsive theme.

Fly Moms Cover

We were recently honored to be given the opportunity to assist Linda Maloney by preparing images for her book Military Fly Moms: Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope



A lot of beautiful images come across our desks and we'd thought we'd share some of them with you. We've created a gallery of images. Other format will likely be added as we have time.  These are free iPad images for your personal use. If you have a commercial project in mind, please contact us.

ND Humane Society website screen shot

We recently completed phase one of a redesign of the Central Dakota Humane Society website using Drupal.

Phase one included converting most of the existing site to Drupal, as well as adding a number of new features. Easy maintenance was the theme of this project. This site should be much easier to keep up to date. The content of CDHS.net can now be kept up to date without the need for any significant HTML knowledge. The staff at the Humane Society can simply log into the site, and make changes right from a web browser.

Automation was another focus area of this redesign. The Central Dakota Humane Society posts a lot of information about their adoptable pets, and maintains a library of general pet information.  Drupal allowed us to automate a significant portion of this process. When library items are written, Drupal places them automatically in the appropriate menus. When adoptable pets are added to the added to the "Meet the Pets" pages, as well as the RSS feed.

Note: I've removed most of the links within this news item as the Central Dakota Humane Society website is no longer our design. It is still a good cause and worth a visit.

NDBA Screenshot

We recently had the opportunity to work with the North Dakota Broadcasters Association. The project involved converting their website from a static HTML site to the Drupal.

This Drupal conversion included recreation of the original site design, specialized access roles for members and NDBA staff, and event calendars. The project objective was to give access and control of the site's content to the people who needed it. Now NDBA staff can update the site easily and quickly, and association members can update their contact information whenever it changes. 

The Drupal Content Management System (CMS) was a good choice for this site. It allows the site to be easily maintained, yet it is highly adaptable for future expansion. As an added benefit, Drupal's versatile theming system allowed for significant improvements in the site's accessibility.

Whitecap Rods Screenshot

Our most recent project, WhitecapRods.com, was a particular pleasure. The owners of Whitecap Custom Rods describe their business as "we build rods with an enthusiasm for excellence". I only hope they like their new Drupal site half as much as I like the spinning rod they sent me.

Cascade Exposures screen shot

I recently had the pleasure of helping Jan of Cascade Exposures move her photo blog to her own domain. The transition is almost complete, and the new site is online. I'm very pleased with how the design came out.

Good luck Jan!

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