Nevada ERCore

Nevada ERCore screenshot

Riven Design developed a Drupal 7 site for the Nevada EPSCoR program (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). The project required modifications to the ERCore module and a Drupal Bootstrap Theme. The site aggregates user supplied data and exports Excel documents for submission to the federal EPSCoR grant program.

Like the ND ERCore project completed last year, this was another project incorporating the ERCore module. This site incorporated a number of custom fields and Views expanding the functionality of the basic ERCore install. These updated may be phased into the basic ERCore module in the future.

The site uses a Bootstrap 3.0 theme.  Drupal 7 works well with the mobile-first Bootstrap platform, allowing the site to have full functionality with a wide range of devices. This site also included Slidebars admin menu. This simple slide out menu system is a nice improvement over the default ERCore dropdown.