North Dakota EPSCoR

Riven Design developed a Drupal 7 site for the North Dakota EPSCoR program (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) . The project required modifications to the ERCore module and a Drupal Bootstrap Theme. I'm not including a link to the site because it is an internally used data warehouse. The site aggregates user supplied data and exports Excel documents for submission to the federal EPSCoR grant program.

It was an interesting project that incorporated the ERCore module. Drupal is a powerful tool for managing data, and this site takes advantage of its incredible flexibility. Content can be entered via a simple user interface, or imported in bulk from prepared CSV files. Data can then be exported into a series of Excel files, both for proofing the data and for submission to the Federal Government. Proofing exports can be easily customized to contain any data columns necessary for content review. The federal exports place predefined data into supplied Excel templates, ready for submission.

The site uses a Bootstrap 3.0 theme.  Drupal 7 works well with the mobile-first Bootstrap platform, allowing the site to have full functionality with a wide range of devices.