Central Dakota Humane Society

ND Humane Society website screen shot

We recently completed phase one of a redesign of the Central Dakota Humane Society website using Drupal.

Phase one included converting most of the existing site to Drupal, as well as adding a number of new features. Easy maintenance was the theme of this project. This site should be much easier to keep up to date. The content of CDHS.net can now be kept up to date without the need for any significant HTML knowledge. The staff at the Humane Society can simply log into the site, and make changes right from a web browser.

Automation was another focus area of this redesign. The Central Dakota Humane Society posts a lot of information about their adoptable pets, and maintains a library of general pet information.  Drupal allowed us to automate a significant portion of this process. When library items are written, Drupal places them automatically in the appropriate menus. When adoptable pets are added to the added to the "Meet the Pets" pages, as well as the RSS feed.

Note: I've removed most of the links within this news item as the Central Dakota Humane Society website is no longer my design. It is still a good cause and worth a visit.